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Company "Askaneli Brothers" was founded in 1998 by brothers Chkhaidzes. The name “Askaneli” is associated with the small, magical village of Askana, located in the beautiful region of Guria, where the old cellar, built by their ancestor – Antimoz Chkhaidze still stands. Antimoz lived in this village and his whole family were in love with vine and the divine beverage obtained from the grapes. They made their wine according to the old Georgian tradition, indigenously in clay vessels - in earthenware called Kvevri. All members of the family were involved in this activity, especially the grandchildrens who hosted guests with clay Jugs and little terracotta cups.  Antimoz Chkhaidze's cellar and several pitchers dating back to 1880 are still preserved in the village of Askana. Tradition of this beautiful family was revived by brothers Chkhaidze. The founder of the company Mr. Gocha Chkhaidze and his brothers have been working for years to revitalize Georgia's viticulture, preserve and recover unique grape varieties. The company owns hundreds of hectars of vineyards and three winemaking facilities in Kakheti, Guria and Tbilisi. In addition of producing 30 denominations of wine, company is producing aged brandy, chacha and other products. “Askaneli Brothers” is one of the largest organizations in Georgia, which is in the top three winemaking company ratings of wine production and vine farming.

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Askaneli Brothers
Tel: +995 322 40 77 77
E-Mail: info@askaneli.ge Address: 110a Kakheti Highway, 0198 Tbilisi, Georgia