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The company succeeded in one-month complex and major inspection, as a result of this, it became an owner of quality label for the terms of 3 years, “Askaneli Brothers” obtained various awards at the prestigious competitions- “Decanter” in 2012 and 2013.

Production of “Askaneli Brothers” is among the top wines, which is demonstrated by having one of the prestigious awards- Decanter Asia Wine Awards 2015.

In 2015 owners of above-mentions awards were “Kindzmarauli”-red, semi-sweet wine (bronze medal), “Saperavi”-red, dry wine (silver medal), white, dry wine ‘Tsinandali” and red, dry wine “Saperavi” were awarded with Decanter’s certificates.

This is the briefly described history of the company that would be distinguished and known anyway by its customers, if its color and image was changed. We are sure that at any time you get taste wine, traditional brand or chacha produced by “Askaneli Brothers”. 
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Askaneli Brothers
Tel: +995 322 40 77 77
E-Mail: info@askaneli.ge Address: 110a Kakheti Highway, 0198 Tbilisi, Georgia